Solving the Mystery of the Missing Vienetta

Several years ago, I had a frozen ice cream dessert that I simply can’t forget. It was a lovely layering of super-thin chocolate and soft vanilla ice cream, luscious and decadent. Surprisingly, I didn’t encounter this memorable dessert at a fancy restaurant; it was readily available at my local grocery store.

Then all of a sudden and without warning, it vanished. My local grocery store no longer carried it and neither I nor my husband could find it at any other store. We tried. Man, we tried. The problem was (or so I thought) that I simply couldn’t remember the name of the dessert. Without that bit of information, it was exceedingly difficult to explain what I was looking for to anyone else. After a year or so I gave up. But every so often, and for the next several years, I would check the frozen section hoping to spot something that looked like what I remembered.

Then I happened to mention it in conversation with my folks around the dinner table on New Year’s Eve. My mom instantly knew what I was talking about. She’d loved the dessert too and had also noticed it’s sudden disappearance. She thought about it carefully and then said, “It was a Vienna-something”. That was enough for my husband to do a Google search and discover the name that had eluded us for years:

Breyers Vienetta.

Heaven on earth.

Once I’d had my memory jogged, it was a cinch to find more information online. I still remember this commercial for Vienetta:

Apparently Vienetta is still available in Europe, distributed by Unilever, and quite popular. But for some strange reason still unknown to me, it was discontinued in the United States, despite the fact that it seems I was not the only person who still dreams of this dessert. At least I am not alone in wishing this was still available in the U.S. I would not be surprised if it was all due to some kind of legal problem regarding a U.S. patent or some such.

At least the production video is still available on YouTube. It makes me wonder how difficult it would be to create something like this at home.

Ah, Vienetta. How I miss thee.

Update (April 20, 2010):

This has been, hands-down, one of the most popular blog posts I’ve ever written (and that includes thousands of entries on previous blogs over the last decade). Obviously I’m in good company – there’s a LOT of you out there that miss this lovely dessert.

What could be more maddening than remembering this, craving it and discovering it had been discontinued? Finding out that it was brought back, for a limited time and that I missed it.

Yup, that’s right. It was back. Well …  sort of. And now it’s gone again.

Apparently Unilever brought out a “Viennetta” branded dessert for the 2008/2009 winter holidays in the United States. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the product was back off the shelves in February of 2009, which explains why my searches for it have been fruitless (ice creamless?) since people started reporting seeing it in January of 2009.

Why fortunately? It wasn’t exactly the same product we remember. The original was made with Breyer’s ice cream and this temporary holiday fix wasn’t even made with real ice cream. Ingredients were: “nonfat milk, sugars, whey, cocoa, propylene glycol monoesters, cellulose gels, mono and diglycerides, locust bean gum, polysorbate 80, guar gum, natural flavor and carrageenan.”

Oh why do they vex us so? *sigh* At least we’ve got the memories. Right?


Update (March 15, 2012):

Thank you all for your comments! For those of you who haven’t read through them all, here’s some useful information:

Thank you to “Patrick” who apparently lives in Europe where the dessert is still available:

I just read this post and I’m sorry to see you guys have to miss out on this wonderful desert.

If it is at all helpful, i have some contact information with the company itself, you could try and see if you can get some pamphlets or information to bring to your local supermarkets?

Unilever N.V.
Corporate Centre
Visitingadres: Weena 455 – 3013 AL Rotterdam The Netherlands
Postadres: Postbus 760 – 3000 DK Rotterdam The Netherlands
Tel.: +3110 – 217 40 00
Fax: +3110 – 217 47 98

Also a big thank you to “Desdemona” who points out:

Please, there’s a petition to bring it back! Sign it and tell everyone you know to sign it, too.

[Petition Online is no longer available. – FR 08/26/2015]

“Rick” from Palo Alto, CA adds:

For those jonesing for the heroin that is Vienetta…I present to you your methadone: Voileta.

It’s a Vienetta knock off that isn’t exactly the same, but contains the same elements. The crispy chocolate layers are fewer and thicker (most likely because Dadu decided to add peanuts) and the Violeta cake is just not as pretty as a Vienetta…But I’m sure the differences are all about circumventing copyrights.

Best of all, I found this at my local Whole Foods. If your local Whole Foods doesn’t carry Violeta, you can always ask since Dadu is already part of their supply chain.

Correction: The crispy layers on the Violeta has hazelnut pieces…Not peanuts.

And yes, Violeta is delicious and has SOME of the same textural creamy/crispy mouth-feel as Vienetta…But Vienetta was much more subtle with the thinner crispy chocolate layers.

[NOTE: I had to briefly close comments on all my blog posts because of a flood of spam. I’ll reopen it at soon as I’ve got that all under control. FR 01/27/2015]

[Comments are re-opened! FR 08/26/2015]

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127 Responses to “Solving the Mystery of the Missing Vienetta”

  1. priscilla Says:

    I just found Vienetta in a grocery store today. I was shocked to find it as I haven’t seen it since the late 80’s. The grocery store was located on the IL/WI border. It’s not made by Breyers and the didn’t have all the flavor choices – just chocolate and vanilla but I thought it tasted okay.

  2. Okolo Says:

    OH my goodness! Me too. I’ve been tryign to describe this for about 5 years because I’ve had the craving since then. I wish I could find it like priscilla. I’d have a vienetta party or something – yes, it’s worth celebrating.
    I’m happy there’s someone else out there who has lost this very desirable love and is in search of it.

    Please bring back Vienetta/Viennetta people, please for the love of greatness.

    p.s. Enjoyed the article.

  3. Bama Girl Says:

    I also used to love this ice cream. My sister-in-law and I would get it all the time, mostly on lasagna night b/c it kinda seemed to fit right in. But then it disappeared. Imagine my surprise when I was at my local Bi-Lo a few weeks ago and there it was, in all it’s glory. I am waiting till I know my sister-in-law will be able to come over before I get any, but I did snap a pic w/ my cell and sent it to her. She was so excited. Woohoo.

  4. lisha Says:

    when i was younger i use to live in california with my family
    me and my sisters would FIGHT over it.
    i hadn’t had it for 6 years.
    but i remeber it al right.
    the rich flavors, the pretty designs… i want it next time i go to kroger..
    :D thank goodness it’s in US again!!!! :DDDDD

  5. VolFan Says:

    I have Bi-Lo here!!! I’m looking for this tomorrow morning as I can’t go to the store tonight! Every1 cross their fingers for me!!! Will report back if I find it!

  6. VolFan Says:

    Yup we have it in Chattanooga, TN!! YEAH!!! It’s just Vienetta brand now still has the Unilever logo on bottom tho. I’m so happy!!!

  7. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    I am SO jealous! We keep looking in our local grocery store for it. I think maybe I’ll just ask the manager about it.

  8. Alita Says:

    OMG! this i crazy your story is about the exactly the same is mine. i just happened to crave it today so i called my dad and tried to describe it to him and sure enough he remembered and told me the name of it. so i imediatly googled it and the first thing i saw was your article. My world was lightened up when i heard i wasnt the only one wondering where it was. And now that i no i may still be able to find it WHOOO!!! i dont have a bi lo here though. All i have is Kroger, harris teeter, and food lion in Durham, NC. But i am going to search even harder starting tommorow.

  9. Remis Wolf Says:

    For all those on the east and in the north of the US I’m happy to say I’ve found Vienetta at Quality Markets in Dunkirk NY. Quality is part of BiLo with seems to have Vienetta in the south. I’m going to look to see if Vienetta is at Quality Markets in Union City in PA. But for all those yes Vienetta is in the worth east!

  10. kaelahtynes Says:

    i am so jealous of you guys who found it…i’ve been looking for it for WEEKS and i’m trying to order it online places and trying to get my job (publix) to order it again but they can’t find a place to order it. i live in florida so if any one of you have any idea where to exactly get it, PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

  11. Eileen Says:

    I live in Michigan and every Christmas I try looking for this treat. Have been unable to find for years. I remember my mom having this for the holidays. If anyone knows where I can find this in Michigan PLEASE let me know. Thanks

  12. Sherry Says:

    I did a Google to find it too, was just sitting here craving it once again. I haven’t seen it in I don’t know how long. It’s great to hear so many ppl like it and that it is available out there some. Anyone in Texas come across it? Please let me know.

  13. Nick Says:

    I live in Oregon, and I can buy Vienetta at a local store (and have been on-and-off for the last three months). FOR NINETY NINE CENTS A PIECE.

    We have a chain called “Grocery Outlet” in part of the country, and they generally carry overstock/near-date/mispackaged and other items for discount prices. They are one of the only chains that regularly carries out-of-region items (for instance, Edy’s Ice Cream, which is regularly branded Dreyer’s in this part of the country), and they have things I’ve never seen in other local stores. This has been one of their big items recently advertised… and they’ve sold a HUGE amount, particularly for the price.

    Needless to say, I stocked up. I purchased about twenty of them total (on various occasions). The first shipment had two flavors, but the last one simply had vanilla. Still, it quenched a craving I’ve had for well over a decade.

  14. Nick Says:

    Incidentally, it is not a regularly stocked item at this store. Obviously someone has a LOT of product to unload.

  15. Cindy Says:

    I am so glad to know that I am not alone in this wish. Your success encourages me , I’m gonna start looking in Rhode Island again. Although I’m not quite ready to make a road to New York…..yet.

  16. Elvis Blue Says:

    I am SO jealous! We keep looking in our local grocery store for it. I think maybe I’ll just ask the manager about it.

  17. Kat Says:

    This post made me both so happy and so sad. I’ve been craving Viennetta for YEARS and finally today decided to see if I could have it shipped from the UK. Knowing the ingredients are different makes me leery so I think I may have to just say goodbye to my dream! But it’s good to know I’m not the only one who loved it!

  18. Lauren - Bournemouth :) Says:

    I live in England and Viennetta is available in every supermarket and small store all over the country. Weird to think, something that I walk past at least once a week has caused so many ice cream lovers in the USA upset!! And I can assure you all that the UK Viennetta is unbelievably good!! I obviously dont know what the ingredient changes are (if any) from the one you all know and love but the one I buy here is amazing trust me!! My boyfriend has had to ween me off it and I can now only buy it on special occasions :(
    The main 2 flavours here are Vanilla (and choc) and Mint (and choc) both are just as good as each other. Cant believe this product was discontinued in the US?? Maybe if the CEO of Viennetta read this blog he would reconsider his market hahahaha.
    Hope you all get the chance to have it again.

    Lauren x

  19. Audra Says:

    I HAVE LITERALLY CRAVED VIENETTA SINCE JULY 2009. I would have craved it longer, but I was only introduced to it then. :( My family and myself were traveling in China, and as we were walking around in Beijing, we found this marvelous delight called Vienetta.
    Everyone else in my family already knew about it, except for me, of course. But once I tasted it, I knew that it was the best thing that had ever happened to me!!!!
    Nah, not the best thing. But pretty close.
    My sister and I were sitting here today, trying to find it online. Wewere trying to get it shipped from the UK, too! (Kat, we think alike) But it’s nowhere to be found. :(
    Oh, Vienetta, how I wish I could eat you again.

  20. Patrick Says:

    I just read this post and i’m sorry to see you guys have to miss out on this wonderfull desert.

    If it is at all helpfull, i have some contact information with the company itself, you could try and see if you can get some pamflets or information to bring to your local supermarkets?

    Unilever N.V.
    Corporate Centre
    Visitingadres: Weena 455 – 3013 AL Rotterdam The Netherlands
    Postadres: Postbus 760 – 3000 DK Rotterdam The Netherlands
    Tel.: +3110 – 217 40 00
    Fax: +3110 – 217 47 98

  21. Dan Says:

    Vienetta is also available in China! It needs to make it’s way back here…

  22. Rebecca M. Says:

    Bring it back! I think about Vienetta all of the time. I haven’t found anything like it. BRING IT BACK!

  23. Desdemona Says:

    Please, there’s a petition to bring it back! Sign it and tell everyone you know to sign it, too.

  24. Ashley C Says:

    Agghhh this has been perplexing me that last few years. I recall seeing it as a child in the 90s and early 2000s (heh. Im 22 lol) Im pregnant and has a SERIOUS craving for it but could only describe it as “lasagna ice cream” LOL and I just got that look from people, like Id gone off my rocker. Well, I decided to post about it on Facebook. Low and behold..many others miss it and cant find it BUT I recently relocated to Germany (thank you Air Force!) and several of my friends here had spotted it at the local Germany grocery stores!!! Theyd had no clue it was once in the US lol oh man. It was like fate brought us together haha wish I could ship it to all of you deprived citizens that are stateside! :)

  25. anon Says:

    There is a new ice cream flavor put out by Breyers (a Unilever brand) named “Chocolate Crackle” that instantly reminded me of “Vienetta” but I could not remember the name until I did some online searching. I think the hard to remember name and high price may have contributed to it being discontinued.
    Give the “Chocolate Crackle” flavor a try, it’s not quite the same but close. I’m sure if you threw some Cool Whip or similar on top it would be nearly identical in taste.

  26. Tracy Says:

    I heard the other day that this is Prince William’s favorite dessert, so maybe with all the interest in the big wedding, it’ll prompt them to bring it back again. :)

  27. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    That would be awesome!

  28. Kamini Patel Says:

    I have been looking for this for so long. The last time I had it is when my nephew was eight years old. Today is his birthday and he is eighteen. I am happy to see I am not alone in this.

  29. Geovante Joseph Says:

    Yay I’m not crazy! Basically the same thing happened to me. Out of no where I thought about this Vienna Ice Cream thing and how much I loved it. Then after talking to my family they remembered as well. Lots of internet searches I was sad to find out it was discontinued in the U.S.

  30. A Says:

    I loved Viennetta as a kid and was so excited to find it in the store again a couple years ago! We stocked up on it, but it was gone a couple months later :( You say the ingredients were different. I believe you, but it still tasted great to me :) Maybe they’ll bring it back again!

  31. Sandy Says:

    Oh man, how I miss Vienetta.. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had it. They stopped selling it where I was from (NY) and I haven’t found it at any stores since then. Now I live in Texas and its not here either. Makes me so sad. This is by far the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The ice cream is so soft and creamy and the layers of chocolate all hard and crunchy are the perfect balance. Nothing I’ve ever had compares to Vienetta. I WISH it would come back!!

  32. Amanda Says:

    I live in the UK and it’s still available here. In fact I have a mint one in the freezer but I don’t think it will stay there for long :-)

  33. Kortney Says:

    Oh how I miss me some Vienette! I still always look for it whenever I go to the store, but no luck. I also love Jello Pudding Pops which are really hard to find in Baltimore, but at least they are still around.

  34. Gabby Says:

    I was literally just trying to explain this delicious dessert to my husband, and decided to try and find it on the net to show him. Low and behold, I happened along this blog, and the story I had told my husband matched up exactly to the begining of this post. ~~Crazy!

    I remember having this dessert once with my mom when I was a kid, and I will never forget how DELICIOUS it was.

    Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to solve this mystery.

  35. Adam Says:

    I’ve just had some of it. : )
    I feel so sorry for you non Europeans right now…

  36. Vienetta lovers Says:

    Someone at Unilever must be an idiot.

    There is clearly huge following of lovers of Vienetta in US, yet they ignore it for number of years. They can make killing on it, yet they do not care.

    I have written to Good Humor (US branch of Unilever distributor) number of times and always got dry response – discontinued.

    Yes, It is available in China and I enjoy it there every trip there. They have it in three versions – family size, then small tub (3x3x2 inches) then on a stick, believe it or not!

    We ALL need to start flooding Good Humor/Unilever with complaints until they bring it back. Good Humor is headquartered in US, Uniulever is in UK. Vienetta started as an original italian product by Algida (now owned by Unilever).

  37. Rick from Palo Alto, CA Says:

    For those jonesing for the heroin that is Vienetta…I present to you your methadone: Voileta.

    It’s a Vienetta knock off that isn’t exactly the same, but contains the same elements. The crispy chocolate layers are fewer and thicker (most likely because Dadu decided to add peanuts) and the Violeta cake is just not as pretty as a Vienetta…But I’m sure the differences are all about circumventing copyrights.

    Best of all, I found this at my local Whole Foods. If your local Whole Foods doesn’t carry Violeta, you can always ask since Dadu is already part of their supply chain.

  38. Rick from Palo Alto, CA Says:

    Correction: The crispy layers on the Violeta has hazelnut pieces…Not peanuts.

    And yes, Violeta is delicious and has SOME of the same textural creamy/crispy mouth-feel as Vienetta…But Vienetta was much more subtle with the thinner crispy chocolate layers.

  39. Val Says:

    We bought one, probably every week way back when. I always keep an eye out for it but havent seen it in way too long. I still remember how awesome it was. The hard chocolate layers made it heaven. Bring it back please!

  40. alaina Says:

    I have been searching to see if I could have the most incredible thing I have ever tasted in my mouth shipped overseas…… they won’t do it. When I was pregnant I was obsessed with finding the tasty chocolate/ice cream log of greatness. Obviously, to no avail. Breyer’s website has stated that it wasn’t a popular item and they had to do away with it. I have found many blogs and posts about people wanting/needing this delight. I find it very hard to believe that there was just not enough clientele. I wish they would bring back the original. Even if it is only once a year around Christmas or something. Then I could stock up for the year; but I would always know it is coming back around the holidays.

  41. Katy Says:

    OMG..i’ve been searching for the same thing….i was really young when i had this…why did it disappear??? Thank you for your blog….

  42. Nick Jones Says:

    We used to buy this when we lived in Canada, but since moving to Houston in 1991, we can’t find it anywhere here.
    Loved the Mint flavoured one best and wished they’d bring it back.

  43. Karen Says:

    IMHO the reason it isn’t available in the US is because some CEO exploited it and ruined it basically. Some years ago they started advertising heavily on TV which massively increased demand. Then they jacked the price up AND began changing the formulation…reducing the layers of chocolate, reducing quality of ingredients etc. which in turn raised massive profits but ruined the product to eat so everyone stopped buying it. Now they don’t make any money by selling it in the US because they exploited it into ruin for a quick buck.

    I’d say there are some executives somewhere living it up at our expense. Who cares if one can make a fast buck but it ruins something good forever?

  44. Todd Says:

    Oh dear Lord above- please tell me that some day those unconscionable tosspots responsible for robbing us all of our most cherished childhood frozen treat will see the unprofitable error of their ways and once again send forth the ribbons of vanilla lusciousness and crackling crannies of chocolate in a triumphant throwback to rival even the success of 80s rock band print tees lobbed at us by Target and Urban Outfitters. WITH Breyers, original packaging, non-negotiable. I don’t need to be insulted any more than I already have been by new CareBears with their oversized heads, etc.

  45. DKT Says:

    When I was studying abroad for a semester in Aberdeen, Scotland 2 years ago, I nearly hyperventilated when I looked down in the freezer at the local grocer outside my dorm and saw the most heavenly dessert ever created…Vienetta!!! I hadn’t tasted that frozen perfection in almost a decade, so the for the next 12 weeks, I ate one-and-a-half Vienetta logs a week! Seeing this blog today when I was suddenly craving it again has given me hope! I pray that the powers-that-be at Unilever see the loyal (and profitable) market here on this side of the pond and bring Vienetta back. To refuse to do so redefines cruel and unusual punishment :(.

  46. Jen M. Says:

    There’s a petition!!! I signed it, because all I have are memories of the commercial.

  47. Meghan Says:

    I remember having this when I was younger, and my parents not giving me more than one slice. I thought, “When I grow up, I’m going to buy one and EAT THE WHOLE THING BY MYSELF.” Then, it went away. Damn you, Breyer’s! Damn you! :)

  48. minC Says:

    This may be where a big box store like Costco could come in handy. I heard if there’s enough requests, the Costco Buyers will actually look into adding the item to their shelves. I’ve had fond memories of this dessert as well =)

  49. vngsoto Says:

    I am pregnant and craving the creamy goodness of vienetta!!!! until our friends across the pond wise up and bring our love of layered ice cream back to us I am going to hunt down an alternitive, but I am not happy about it. I have also emailed Breyers and Good humor, so fingers to petition to bring Vienetta back state side. This should be a national cause! thanks for proving me not insane.

  50. Megan Says:

    I am 25 and fondly remember eating this as a kid. I can remember pretending to eat it out of “fancy glass” like in the commercial, even though it was just in a regular bowl. I always tried to convince my mom to serve the Vienetta off of a platter, too! (I had quite the imagination!) While watching last week’s episode of Glee, it was mentioned and my mouth instantly watered. Before this episode, I, too, couldn’t recall the full name and could only remember Vienna-something.
    Oh, Vienetta, please come back to me in your original creamy, tasty form that I oh-so fondly remember!!
    Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my quest for Vienetta! :)

  51. Agent007 Says:

    and people are still searching for this ice cream…..anyone stationed in europe that can fly these over stateside?

  52. Matt Says:

    Just a heads up.. It was just released in Japan under the company Morinaga/Unilever. It comes in vanilla and chocolate. Japan also has an ice cream cone that reminded me of Vienetta, and I was shocked to see Vienetta in Japanese supermarkets. It took me back to my childhood while I was eating it. I’m a little worried that it will disappear in Japan because most new products don’t last or have a limited release. Add Vienetta to your Japan experience!

  53. Melany I. Says:

    I never -ever- ever write postings, but I had to stop dead in my tracks and write one in favor of Vienetta. This is one of my most prized memory as a child, I remember having it at every dinner party or special occasion. About 8 years ago I re-spotted Vienetta in a trip to Hawaii, then once I got back to FL never again until the end of 2007 when I spotted it in Lowes Foods in NC. I thought they were back for good and only bought two…..only to find out they were discontinued again! If I ever see them again I will buy ever last box in the store and a deep freezer to put it in. My husband, never having experienced Vienetta as a child thinks im nuts, but all of you fellow Vienetta lovers understand, it is simply irreplaceable! I LOOOOVE & MIIIIISSS VIENETTA! PLEASE COME BACK!

  54. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    Just a heads up.. It was just released in Japan under the company Morinaga/Unilever…

    Thanks for the info! Now I just need to make friends with someone in Japan.

  55. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    I never -ever- ever write postings, but I had to stop dead in my tracks and write one in favor of Vienetta….

    Thanks for posting a comment. – I never dreamed that this would be such a popular topic, or that so many other people still remember this dessert! But apparently I’m in good company. I’m right there with you on the deep freezer idea. :)

  56. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    While watching last week’s episode of Glee, it was mentioned and my mouth instantly watered.

    You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear it got a mention on Glee, maybe that’ll spur a come-back for it?

  57. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    and people are still searching for this ice cream…..anyone stationed in europe that can fly these over stateside?

    Whoever would do this for us deprived yanks would make a lot of instant friends.

  58. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    Hah! Thank you and everyone else for all the comments. I feel less silly about fondly remembering a dessert now.

  59. Fazia Rizvi Says:

    There’s a petition!!! I signed it, because all I have are memories of the commercial…

    Oh wow! That’s fantastic. Thanks for the info. :)

  60. Roberta Says:

    I remember as a young girl my dad ( may he rest in peace) would always request this as his birthday and fathers day desert. It was the best desert and for us was such a special treat. I really wish they would bring it back to the U S.

  61. Janté Langan Says:

    I too have searched for this dessert for a few years! As I googled it your blog came up! We should all email Breyers!

  62. Rachelle Says:

    Thank you!

  63. Shannon Says:

    I have often thought of this divine dessert over the years, and have never forgotten the name. LOL!! I heard from someone who tried the unilever brand when it was brought back for a limited time, and they said it tasted NOTHING like the original and was NOT good. That’s sad! I long for the Breyer’s version. OFTEN.

  64. Anre Says:

    damn! damn! damn! I thought I was the only one! I thought this was a figment of my imagination! I remember When my mom bought the first one home and i couldnt get enough of it. i remember the tv commercials that made me want more . I want one right now.

    I used to eat all of my moms then go buy one to replace the one I ate then eat that one too. Im so sorry mom. I feel ur pain now. now that there is no grocery store i can even go to to purchase this slice of layered heaven. I really do miss it. The best 4 or 5 dollars i ever spent.

  65. Ian Says:

    Hi, I’ve just had some viennetta and yes it’s delicious exept for the fact they’ve messed up the delicate layers of of chocolate..!! They’ve been making it different for a while now… Why can’t these companies leave something alone when they get it right..??? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…!!!

  66. Jacque Says:

    Where is it?? I need it!! My story is the SAME! I won’t even waste time rewriting it just please tell me where I can find it on the east coast! By the way, this is the first blog I’ve ever commented on hahaha – true fat girl!

  67. Eva Mourelatou Says:

    We used to be able to get it in Canada also and suddenly it disappeared.
    My boys ( adults now ) still talk about the divine ice cream dessert they used to fight over who would eat the biggest piece.
    Hope we had some now !!!

  68. Eva Mourelatou Says:

    Vienetta ice cream was also sold in Canada and trust me it was the best dessert to serve after a meal especially when we had company. My boys ( adults now ) still crave the delicious ice cream and always fought over the last serving.
    I had no idea so many people miss Vienetta ice cream – wish it comes back in our Canadian grocery stores mmmmmm
    one slice is never enough !!!

  69. Syn Says:

    My story is a touch tragic. I had been craving Vienetta for ages, it had always been on the back of my mind, every time I looked in the frozen food aisle I would foolishly hope to spot it there knowing that after so many years it was a hopeless cause.

    A few years ago I had made a comment to the Breyers company asking about it and was absolutely thrilled when I got an e-mail back telling me that in the November of that year it would be making a return. Throughout the autumn season I was in the many grocery stores at least twice a week looking to the ice cream section with baited breath only to see nothing.

    The month came and went and suddenly it was January, I went to a store and saw an ad on the shopping cart for the Vienetta and it’s limited run which was now over. I had been to that store and several others with nothing to show for it. I felt like I had missed out on my last chance in a lifetime to ever eat it again.

    I do hope it returns, the old fashioned flavor that I love.

  70. Louise Says:

    I live in the UK and we have it here, it’s been around for years!
    It’s very cheap around about £1.30 for it. Roughly $0.80 :)
    We have mint,strawberry, chocolate and they sometimes do other flavours :)
    We had a caramel one at one point, it’s so good!

    If you ever come to England make sure you pop into a large store called, ASDA,TESCO Or Morrisons and you can eat as much of it as you like.

    Best Wishes across the Ocean.

    Louise x

  71. Lai-Lai Says:

    I want some really bad. I kinda wish they’d sell the American rights to Blue Bunny though; they have the best vanilla icecream, or even better; use vanilla gellato.

  72. Gloria Says:

    I can’t get over this blog! I didn’t know so many others missed it as much as I did. My son (adult now) once asked “why don’t you even buy that ice cream anymore?”

    I searched everywhere for it for years and today decided to try to look it up and at least try to find the name which I couldn’t remember and came across this blog. We are X-military and have lived in different states and just figured the different states we lived in didn’t sell it.



  73. lesa Says:

    this was my daughters choice for special occasions! We were wondering what happen to this prodecut. Have not been able to find it since the late 90’s. We live in USA- Missouri

  74. Patricia Says:

    My granddaughter and myself were talking about this a couple weeks ago. Many years ago I used to buy Vienetta. We would love to be able to buy this Ice cream. It is an excellent Ice cream.

  75. Armene Sarkisian Says:


  76. carolyn Says:

    They probably took it off the market since many complained it was just too good. I miss it.

  77. Jeanette Says:

    There are all of these blogs asking for this original product to be brought back to the US. Why is Unilever not responding with a manufacture and distribution date for the Vienetta in the US. We are tired of asking. We want results. Bring this back now before there is a Vienetta revolution.

  78. Miranda Says:

  79. Mike Says:

    Vienetta is apparently being mmanufactured by “Streets” the same company that make “Magnum” ice cream bars. I have written a letter asking them to bring this amazing treat back to the US and I urge all vienetta fanzs to do the same.

  80. carrie lemire Says:

    I just called Unilever in the U.S. and made a request that they restart the sales of the delicious Vienetta here at home. I made sure to add in that it must be the original Bryers version from the 90’s that we all love so much! Follow suit my fellow fans! The more the better!! 1-800-298-5018 is the number to call for the U.S. division of the company. 10 minutes is all it takes, and you don’t even have to leave your name. :-D

  81. Sheri Says:

    I just emailed unilever to beg them to bring this back to Canada. I have been craving this for 10 years I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t bring it back!!!!! My life will be unfulfilled! Lol

  82. Zarah Says:

    If Unilever ever sees these comments and decides to do something about it, I hope they don’t leave Canada out! Bring it back, here, too!

  83. Bobby Ponton Says:

    I strongly Agree with Jeanette bring this Great Ice cream back. Somebody has to bring us results. All this time I felt I was the only one that felt this way. I thought I was being silly. I never give up, everytime I go to the Grocery Store. Come Back !! Come Back !!!!

  84. N. Jase Says:

    For those still seeking the Viennetta experience, try Haggen Dazs new geletao – stracciatella, one taste instantly brought back the Viennetta.

  85. walls Says:

    its the brand people, the brand is walls ice cream

  86. Diana Says:

    OMG!! I remember trying this delicious dessert back in ’98..It wa incredibly delicious, but as many of you next time i went to look for it again , it had disapper …I would always hope to try it again..And yes that commercial hunted me since then..

  87. Pashmina Says:

    Someone at Unilever needs to pay attention!

  88. Nina Says:

    i’m from switzerland, where vienetta is still in stores. i don’t wanna make
    u jealous, but it is just soooo good, one of my favorite ice creams (“glace” in swiss german)! ;-) you should definitely come to europe :)

  89. Michelle Rafferty Says:

    we can still get it in the uk, but it has always been one of the most expensive ice creams on tje market so as a child we only had it at Christmas and new year. still love it today x

  90. vienetta diehard Says:

    ******** CALL UNILEVER @ 800-298-5018 *****

    Call, call, and call again. Make a point to call at least once a month.
    Request the 1990 vesion recipe. If they cant manufacturer it, at least they can publish the original recipe..

    ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ Vienetta Fans UNITE ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥

    FYI…. “Violetta” is a close substitute. Not exact, but close. Get it at Whole Foods

  91. vienetta diehard Says:

    And D@mn that swiss miss nina for gloating about how its available there!!

    WE are AMERICANS! LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE, and someday again, Freezers to our beloved Vienettas.

  92. G Says:

    Man O Man. I had to send out a mass text to find out the name of the desert I used to eat when I was a kid. Viennetta. Once I found out the name I thought I would be able to go to the store and get some. Needless to say they don’t sell it in the DC area. You would think they would sell it in the capitol of the U.S. I think I just found one at Ralphs in columbia MD. That will have to do. Road Trip. :-)

  93. Rita Shaughnessy Says:

    Perhaps it’s close to a semifreddo. Google “Italian Semifreddo Laura Vitale.” I going to try making it. It sounds very similar to Vienetta–not a solid ice cream, yet a frozen dessert. And I had no idea there were so many kinds of semifreddos. They look very easy to make.

  94. Josh Says:

    We wait so patiently.

  95. Fi Says:

    We have Vienetta in Australia, made by Streets. It’s available at most supermarkets. So don’t forget to indulge if you come downunder!

  96. Niraj Says:


    Were you able to find one in Columbia, MD??

  97. Emily Arrunategui Says:

    Omg I can’t believe there are so many others out there who remember this ice cream and crave it as I do. My fiance recently bought a Russian version it. I was absolutely shocked to see it in my freezer. It instantly brought memories of my mother buying it at our local supermarket. I couldn’t remember the name of the original so I went on a hunt on Google and I found this blog with obsessed people like me. The Russian version is good but nothing compared. Why hasn’t Unilever listen to our cries? :-(

  98. Sylvia Says:

    I had this ice cream frequently when it was available from Jewel in Chicago. I’m sad to find out that it’s not available anywhere in the USA. I signed the petition which you mentioned. Maybe someone will take notice and start importing it. :-)

  99. Martha Says:

    I am pregnant and have been dying to get my hands on some! The last time I enjoyed this was 14 years ago in europe. :( they need to bring it back, there is obviously a market for it!!

  100. John Floyd Says:

    Vienetta was actually available in the early 1990’s and discontinued. When it was back on the market, I saw an ad attached to a grocery store shopping cart as I was leaving the store. I immediately went back in and bought it again every week until it was gone.

  101. AJ Says:

    Amazing… reading this blog. I bought Vienetta often when living in Oregon and it was my very favorite dessert ever. I left Oregon in 2000…and for the past few years, have looked all over the Eastern states for it, not realizing it wasn’t being produced any more. I just thought it was a western product, like so many other foods I am not able to find here. It is somewhat reassuring to know there are others like me, who have craved its return to the freezer section. :0D

  102. Rose Says:

    I’ve spent years trying to explain this dessert to people but no one knew what I was talking about!!!! I was so in love with it years ago and can’t find it anywhere.

  103. Ashley Says:

    I am just finishing my second bowl of Breyers chocolate crackle ice cream…. The taste is all there, and texture, too. Just not pretty.

  104. Rick Says:

    Just enjoyed a beautiful portion of this delicious dessert. Living in England is amazing!

  105. Nicole Says:

    About a year ago I used to buy it at the corner store near my dads house in Tijuana Mexico.. everytime I’d visit, but I have gone several times now and they dont have it anymore I asked the cashier about it and she said they haven’t been ordering it anymore. I was so sad I’ve tried looking for it in other stores in with no luck.. im so sad

  106. Luis Says:

    I live in Texas and can’t find it anywhere here…I remember seeing the commercials back in the 90’s and seeing the product in grocery stores. I would like to know where I can buy it.

  107. Laura Says:

    I’m pregnant, it’s the middle of a brutal ice storm here in Canada and while driving in the car two days ago I got a very clear picture in my head of the commercial for Viennetta. I remember it in such great detail, and instantly started craving it. No idea what brought this on. Of course, I figured I could just go buy some, but did faintly wonder whether it hadn’t been a really long time since I’ve seen it…
    Well. A Google search brought this blog entry up. And I’m so disappointed!! I’ve just sent my roommate on a hunt for Breyer’s chocolate crackle or Haagen Dazs Stracciatela, as per your suggestions but I’m definitely calling that 1-800 number tomorrow! What a bunch of morons, discontinuing something so delicious!! :(

  108. Drew Says:

    A family member of mine works for Unilever, and I had her look into this matter, as the reasoning for Unilever to take such a great product off the shelves has been a point of contention in our family since she took this job. Apparently when Unilever bought out Breyer’s there were only three factories remaining that still made the product, two in U.S. and another in Canada. There is specialized equipment that makes the famous ribbon ice cream in the center of the cake. When these machines broke down, Unilever decided sales in North America did not warrant fixing or replacing the machines, so the product was phased out. For reasons unknown Unilever decided to bring back Vienetta for a limited time during 2009 with a modified recipe which differed greatly from the one used in Europe. (which is closer to the Vienetta we all know and love) The equipment that makes the ribbon ice cream is still in Unilever’s possession, broken, at a warehouse supposedly in New York. If I get any information about the company possibly bringing the famous ice cream dessert, I’ll be sure to post an update.

  109. Brittany Says:

    Drew that would be amazing if you could help produce results! I’m sure everyone who supports the Vienetta return would gladly donate to help bring it back into production . Is that legal? Idk but I’m desperate . After 2pregnancies craving this delicious delicate confection, I’d do just about anything possible to get Vienetta back :(

  110. Beth Says:

    My daughter just called me from work (she is bored, it’s a snow day) and she is craving this ice cream desert that I used to get when she was a little girl. She couldn’t remember the name. Well, I knew it was Viennetta. I just let her ramble about how good it was and then I got a word in. Just said the name and that was it. Then I told her you can’t get it anymore. She was crushed! I think if enough people demand it, we can get some form of it back. It doesn’t have to have the cute ribbon ice cream but the texture has to be the same as do the ingredients. It was the best!!

  111. Lily Says:

    I just love that I’m not alone in missing Viennetta!

  112. Pam Says:

    This really is amazing how many people remember this frozen treat. At one point they came out with individual cakes (for lack of a better word) that were served to the first class passengers of U.A. Airways in the late 90’s. I was always so excited when I was flying US Airways because I knew I would get my fix! I used to buy it all the time when it was still stocked in grocery stores in the U.S. and we eat way too much of this delectable ice cream loaf. My son( now 26) who was not a big sweet eater, LOVED Vienetta any time I could get my hands on one. I live in San Diego and we have a chain of 3 markets “Major Market” that carries a lot of hard to find treats. Next time I am near one, I will pop in to see if they have any version of this treat and will post IF I find some.

    Keep signing the petition and calling the numbers posted. I have another group that is trying to bring back Fkaky Flix cookies.

  113. Nicole Says:

    I can’t believe I’m not the only one looking for it. I remember eating it with my mom as a kid in the 90’s. I’ve described it to my husband but he never seen it or had it. I’ve been looking for it in the stores for years I would love for it to return.

  114. TEHSEEN Says:

    I saw the commercial when I was very young and remember looking at the plastered posters of this ice cream in Pakistan. It was purchased only once on a special occasion and only adults ate it. I got to lick my moms bowl and since then I’ve been jonesing for this ice cream. I visited Pakistan in 2005 and was unable to get my hands on this. Saw it in a Costco but I guess it was limited and never saw it again. They really need to bring this to USA. People just don’t know what they’re missing.

  115. Lori Says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had this exquisite dessert (sad face) =( I am hopeful though that it will one day come back to the US in it’s original form. I have been craving it for the past 10 years and completely missed the 2nd time it came back. It just wouldn’t be right if they brought it back in some other style. It has to be in it’s original form for me. Please Unilever and Breyers you’re US Viennetta fans are waiting. It would be a huge injustice and disservice for you not to satisfy our cravings. At least give it back to us temporarily so I can make my wife try it just once!! But when you do, please announce it.

  116. Nick Says:

    I am the same Nick from above, who purchased the product in 2010. I haven’t seen Vienetta since my earlier comments, sadly. It wasn’t the same as before, but at least a bit of a reminder. I’d love for the product to come back to stores, especially with better ice cream.

    However, I will back up the comment by N. Jase as it pertains to Haggen Dazs Stracciatella Gelato being a nice substitute. Oddly enough, the Grocery Outlet chain had 2.5 gallon buckets for $7 or so a few months ago, which led me on to that great product.

  117. Michelle Says:

    Omg. How amazing to find this blog. My 15 year old daughter has tormented me for years asking why she has never again had the cake she had on her first birthday (she has seen the videos). For a few years after we could only find this vienetta cake At a small local store. Then….gone. Thanks for letting me know that I didn’t imagine this !

  118. Hilary Says:

    Hi! Along with so many others, I’m glad to be around other believers and hopers. :D Hubby and I were talking about Vienetta and I miss it! I saw it in Japan a few months ago and skipped over it, not realizing I couldn’t get it in Canada.

    The first time I devoured a cake was when I lived in Finland 15 years ago. I didn’t buy it in Canada then because it was expensive and I was a student.

    Now that I crave it, I’m out of luck. I add my voice to the other pleas!

    Here’s to outstanding frozen desserts!

  119. Jenna B Says:

    I had forgotten about this tasty treat until a recent trip to Ireland. I spotted it in a Tesco supermarket, and exclaimed a bit too loudly, “Oh my god, it’s Vienetta!” I hadn’t had it since the early 80’s, but remembered everything about it. My mother had never heard of it, and thought I was a bit nuts to be getting so excited over ice-cream. We were staying in a hotel, so we had nowhere to keep it. I searched for it when I returned to the US, only to discover it had been discontinued. I wish I had bought it, even if it were only to have one slice and throw the rest out!

  120. Diane L Says:

    Wow I can’t believe even in 2014, people are still reminiscing about Viennetta!!!! I still think about it even after 18 years.

    Now that I know it’s in Europe, I think I’m just going to HAVE to take a trip there.

    Maybe going to have to attempt to try to make this dessert… Anybody have the ingredient list?

  121. Justin Says:

    For the lucky friends in Vancouver, you can find the dessert in Chinese supermarket T&T. Sadly, they only offer tiramisu and chocolate favor. The ice cream is now made by Japanese company Morinaga.

  122. Andie Says:

    I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and I used to buy Vienetta all the time from my local grocery store. I was just thinking about this delicious treat, so naturally I decided to Google it. Thanks to this blog post I feel much better about craving this long-lost treat, I just wish they would bring it back! My eyes will be open for any chance of it here in Canada!

  123. Erin Says:

    There is also Dolcetto made by Nestle Canada. I’ve never had it, but it looks quite similar.

  124. susan Says:

    I too have been dreaming about this smooth ice cream and its thin layers of crunchy chocolate. Well…..I found one that is sooooo similar …its amazing.

    YAAAAAY Its made by Nestle its called Dolcetto

  125. susan Says:

    I found the absolute closest thing to our yummy desert we all miss so much.
    Go to the grocery store and look for

  126. susan Says:

    I hope this helps all of you :) I tried to copy and paste and image but it wont let me ….Google it to see what the packaging looks like and good luck to you…I imaging anyone who seeks nestle…could easily order it if they dont carry it in their freezers. :) enjoy everyone :)))

  127. Lauren Says:

    Sooooo happy to have found this blog! Was just talking to my Mom about a New Years long ago when I made her buy this ‘fancy’ ice cream and she served it to us in fancy dessert glasses, like the commercial! We felt sooo fancy! So sad to hear they don’t make it anymore. I couldn’t remember the name, so THANK YOU for solving that for me! Will definitely be trying the other brands suggested to get my fix!

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