• 19Mar


    Even the name makes me smile.

    Joanne Linder emailed me about her Etsy shop, Vintage Twee, for “an enchantingly English range of hand crafted décor for the loveliest tea party, wedding or shower” and I had to have a peek. Oh, the lovelies! See? See? See?

    You manly tea-drinking men may find this all a little too frilly for your tastes but HEY, you already have WOLVERINE so jut leave us ladies some leeway with the pretties, ‘kay?

    Seriously though, I love the fact that these are all hand-made with such a romantic Victorian flair. It’s homey, cozy, and couldn’t you see them paired with this heart-shaped tea set from Wagokoro-Ya?

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  • 08Jun

    Great Google’s grandmother, I haven’t updated here in a while! Too busy drinking tea I guess.

    Seriously, I’ve been hoarding lots of delicious tidbits for a while now, but I’ve been too swamped to share them. Until now. Never fear, I’m still crazy for tea and happily pushing the stuff onto my friends.

    As atonement for my absence, I offer this lovely little find from Etsy: Haiku teacups by teaspoons & petals:

    “There are those few precious moments while drinking tea, when you can just pause, breathe and imagine. My hope is that those who sip their favorite blend from my cups or hang my prints in their home will enjoy those peaceful moments as they read my original haiku. I was inspired to write each original haiku while sipping from my teacup, with only a pen and paper in hand.”



    These tranquil cups are hand painted, dishwasher and microwave safe.  Custom cups can be created for that special occasion. You can almost feel the “ahhhhhhh“.

  • 19Feb

    This is the cutest darn thing: a tea cozy cover for a yerba mate gourd.

    From the Etsy seller’s site:

    When your yerba mate gourd gets a little hot to handle, try this cozy on for size! Crocheted from 100% cotton yarn, this little cozy fits gourds that have a circumference of up to 13 inches at it’s widest point with a bit of room to spare. Top stays put with a brand-new coated elastic band crocheted in….just pull it over your gourd like a sock! Machine wash, air dry and you’re good to go. Gourd, bombilla and small amount of yerba mate in the photos are not included in this listing.

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