• 25Feb

    Because I’m an American and thus more used to watching this same battle rage over coffee in the office, I find this kind of … cute. Seriously. It’s tea. And the English. “More than their fair share of tea”, “a poor cup”, “bunk off”, “humble tea round”. It’s freakin’ adorable!

    Men tricking women into making tea

    Men of have been accused of using underhand tactics to get female colleagues to make more than their fair share of tea.

    A report shows that women make more than three times as many cups of tea as men in the workplace.

    Two-thirds of men told a study they invented bogus reasons for not making hot drinks, while one in four sneaked off to make one just for themselves.

    The study of 3,000 workers by Cafedirect revealed that men also moan more about having to make drinks for their colleagues.

    But women aren’t entirely blameless. Almost half (46 per cent) admit to using the office brew as a chance to bunk off work, while a quarter reveal their apparent act of generosity is merely a cover for sharing office gossip with colleagues.

    Some workers deliberately made a poor cup in a bid to avoid making any more, according to the report, launched at the start of Fairtrade fortnight.

    Recruitment consultants – the UK’s biggest tea drinkers – generally spend almost as long moaning about tea (four minutes) as making it (five minutes).

    They are also the most likely to use dirty tricks to duck out of making workmates a drink, with 44 per cent admitting to making deliberately poor tea to avoid repeat orders.

    Builders by contrast are least likely to complain about a bad cup of tea, with barely a third saying they have criticised workmates.

    Overall, two thirds of colleagues dispute whose turn it is to make the tea once a day, with 24 per cent saying it’s led them to secretly harbour bad thoughts towards those who haven’t pulled their weight.

    Anne MacCaig, Cafedirect chief executive, said: ”As office politics goes, the humble tea round would seem an unlikely cause of controversy but, with some making markedly more tea than others, workers are coming to blows over brews.”

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  • 24Feb

    Is it fate that I discovered the following videos just a day after attending a NASA Tweetup (STS-130) at Johnson Space Center?

    Patrick Stewart narrating for the environment, tea and NASA.

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  • 16Feb

    I heard about this first on Twitter, via @teashopgirl:

    Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

    The origami tea bags are lovely, I’ve used the side-arm tea bags and the pyramid tea bags before (that’s another blog post someday), the hanger tea bags are terribly cute and I must acquire some, but I’m not sure how I feel about the the cigarette tea bags.

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  • 16Feb

    According to a study by Drinking Tea May Trim Men’s Waistlines.

    Tavalon tea kindly provides us with a picture of said trim waistline on their Voice of Tea blog.

    WebMD explains that:

    A new study shows that men who drink more than two cups of tea a day have trimmer waistlines than men who drink coffee or nothing at all. But the same doesn’t hold true for women.


    Researchers say the role between tea drinking and a trim waistline in men and women merits further study.

    I agree. So where do I sign up to be a part of this study?

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