• 19Oct

    I just discovered funny tea-related videos on YouTube.

    LOL. Videos, I haz ’em. Let me inflect them upon you.



    Oooh. Aaah. Oooh. Aaah. Ooo. Long. Ooo. Long. *jazz hands*



    Yo, I’m an Earl Grey Killah! I even have it with ICE. Beyotch! (Note: Not Safe for Work – language.)



    Green Tea on the West Siiide! (Okay, so this one really isn’t that much about tea. It’s hilarious anyway.)

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  • 05Oct

    Yes, I have yet another cute kitty in a teapot post. Honestly, this might end up being a recurring theme if I run across any more. Unlike the plaintive little kitten of the previous post, this little fuzzball appears to have originated from the Mirror Universe. See the little goatee? No?


    (Mirror Universe comment brought to you by the tea-drinking Star Trek nerd that I am.)

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