• 21Jan

    Wow. Add this sexy new samovar to the list of lovelies I’d like to try:

    According to Latest Trends in Home Appliances:

    Tea fans will appreciate the inner workings and the history behind SAM, Russia’s Man Works Design’s samovar makeover. Traditional samovars are ornate brass urn-shaped containers that heat water from the inside out – solid fuel in the middle, water in the surrounding container. SAM functions the same way but eschews the 18th century look in favor of a distinctly modern design.

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  • 21Jan

    I first saw the Zarafina tea maker at a local outlet of Le Gourmet Chef. The $149 price tag shooed me away, even as I lusted after the lovely design.

    According to the box, this automatic tea maker will steep both loose and bagged teas, up to 16 ounces at a time. There are built-in settings for black, oolong, green, white or herbal teas, so that you get the correct steep time (and water temperature) for each kind of tea. You can also adjust it  to your strength (mild to strong) preference.

    Mad Pots of Tea has an interesting review:

    But I wanted to say something more to my readers…about WHY I use the Zarafina Tea Maker Suite, and HOW it has changed my tea-making habits. To do this, I had to live with this machine for months, which furthered the delay in writing this review. So, how has Zarafina influenced the Tea Drinking Habits of Madam Potts?

    Check out Madam Potts’ entry to find out exactly how it changed her habits. Also check out Kitchen Contraption’s, GongFu Girl’s and E. M. Quardokus’ excellent reviews.
    The tea maker is available on Amazon.com right now for $89.99 and free shipping. That’s enough to make me consider getting one for my new home office.

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  • 21Jan

    From Sheki, Azerbaijan:

    Unknown Azerbaijan…Tea…

    If you ask me what tea means in Azerbaijan I will just reply with our proverb which says “Çay nədir, say nədir” which can be translated as “when you drink tea, you don’t count the cups” and means that tea is something almost “sacred” in Azerbaijan…or should I simply say…there is a strong tea culture….


    I always say that with good statistical information I think Azerbaijan would beat all the records in world’s tea consumption per capita but I am afraid there is no this kind of data currently. Another proof: the word “çayxana” means place/café where people drink tea, this culture is as old and strong in Azerbaijan as pubs in Britain…when visitors come to Azerbaijan for the first time and see men sitting in a café, playing backgammon and drinking something they are amazed to see that those men are actually drinking…tea…what visitors do not know is that the place they see is actually “çayxana”. Historically women were not going to public places so “çayxana” used to be a place for men…nowadays young generation thinks that “çayxana” sounds ancient and not very refined and friendly so these cafes are mainly called as “çay evi” i.e. tea house.

    See related photos at Flickr.

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  • 19Jan

    So I’ve finally got this tea blog up. I know I’m not the first person to do this. But I figured I should do one anyway. Maybe as therapy.

    See, I like tea. And tea stuff. Really. Take a look.

    Here’s my tea cabinet:

    I’ve got tea pots up here:

    And down here:

    And of course, the thing is stuffed to the gills with tea:

    There’s even books about tea:

    Oh look. More teapots:

    Whaddya know, MORE teapots:

    Um …

    Yes, yes. You get the idea. Crazy lady has more tea/pots than cats.

    Welcome to my blog.

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