• 01Dec

    So I … um … forgot to mention here that I guest blogged over at The English Tea Store on Tea and Travel. (It’s a pretty nice tea blog, BTW. Check them out on Twitter too.)

    So now I’ve mentioned it. You may carry on.

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  • 19Oct

    I just discovered funny tea-related videos on YouTube.

    LOL. Videos, I haz ’em. Let me inflect them upon you.



    Oooh. Aaah. Oooh. Aaah. Ooo. Long. Ooo. Long. *jazz hands*



    Yo, I’m an Earl Grey Killah! I even have it with ICE. Beyotch! (Note: Not Safe for Work – language.)



    Green Tea on the West Siiide! (Okay, so this one really isn’t that much about tea. It’s hilarious anyway.)

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  • 21Jan

    From Sheki, Azerbaijan:

    Unknown Azerbaijan…Tea…

    If you ask me what tea means in Azerbaijan I will just reply with our proverb which says “Çay nədir, say nədir” which can be translated as “when you drink tea, you don’t count the cups” and means that tea is something almost “sacred” in Azerbaijan…or should I simply say…there is a strong tea culture….


    I always say that with good statistical information I think Azerbaijan would beat all the records in world’s tea consumption per capita but I am afraid there is no this kind of data currently. Another proof: the word “çayxana” means place/café where people drink tea, this culture is as old and strong in Azerbaijan as pubs in Britain…when visitors come to Azerbaijan for the first time and see men sitting in a café, playing backgammon and drinking something they are amazed to see that those men are actually drinking…tea…what visitors do not know is that the place they see is actually “çayxana”. Historically women were not going to public places so “çayxana” used to be a place for men…nowadays young generation thinks that “çayxana” sounds ancient and not very refined and friendly so these cafes are mainly called as “çay evi” i.e. tea house.

    See related photos at Flickr.

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