• 19Oct

    You people just don’t stop, do you? First it was cute kitties in teapots then oversized teacups and now tea mugs?

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  • 29Mar

    I. Want. This!

    It would go SO WELL with my dinosaur  creamer!

    There are more space-themed teapots here, my favorite being Take Me To Your Leader.

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  • 29Mar

    Hopefully someone out there in Tea Land can help me with this one.

    While browsing the web, I stumbled across one of the sexiest single serving tea/teapot combination I’ve seen in a long while. Unfortunately, I’ve only a picture of it:

    Does anyone know who the maker/artist is of this lovely design? Has anybody tried this set? (I’m wondering if the seal works well when turning it over and removing the top after steeping.)

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  • 19Mar


    Even the name makes me smile.

    Joanne Linder emailed me about her Etsy shop, Vintage Twee, for “an enchantingly English range of hand crafted décor for the loveliest tea party, wedding or shower” and I had to have a peek. Oh, the lovelies! See? See? See?

    You manly tea-drinking men may find this all a little too frilly for your tastes but HEY, you already have WOLVERINE so jut leave us ladies some leeway with the pretties, ‘kay?

    Seriously though, I love the fact that these are all hand-made with such a romantic Victorian flair. It’s homey, cozy, and couldn’t you see them paired with this heart-shaped tea set from Wagokoro-Ya?

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  • 16Feb

    I heard about this first on Twitter, via @teashopgirl:

    Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

    The origami tea bags are lovely, I’ve used the side-arm tea bags and the pyramid tea bags before (that’s another blog post someday), the hanger tea bags are terribly cute and I must acquire some, but I’m not sure how I feel about the the cigarette tea bags.

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  • 10Jan

    Continuing the occasional cat-in-the-teacup post here:

    I’ll take mine with cream and sugar – to go, please.

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  • 05Oct

    Yes, I have yet another cute kitty in a teapot post. Honestly, this might end up being a recurring theme if I run across any more. Unlike the plaintive little kitten of the previous post, this little fuzzball appears to have originated from the Mirror Universe. See the little goatee? No?


    (Mirror Universe comment brought to you by the tea-drinking Star Trek nerd that I am.)

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  • 08Jun

    Great Google’s grandmother, I haven’t updated here in a while! Too busy drinking tea I guess.

    Seriously, I’ve been hoarding lots of delicious tidbits for a while now, but I’ve been too swamped to share them. Until now. Never fear, I’m still crazy for tea and happily pushing the stuff onto my friends.

    As atonement for my absence, I offer this lovely little find from Etsy: Haiku teacups by teaspoons & petals:

    “There are those few precious moments while drinking tea, when you can just pause, breathe and imagine. My hope is that those who sip their favorite blend from my cups or hang my prints in their home will enjoy those peaceful moments as they read my original haiku. I was inspired to write each original haiku while sipping from my teacup, with only a pen and paper in hand.”



    These tranquil cups are hand painted, dishwasher and microwave safe.  Custom cups can be created for that special occasion. You can almost feel the “ahhhhhhh“.

  • 16Apr



    Do you throw away that used teabag as soon as you’re done with it? Not the artisans in a small settlement located in Mandela Park, just outside of Cape Town in South Africa. Instead, they’ve turned used teabags into works of art by turning the bags into tiny canvases.

    First they dry the teabags in the sun, then empty them of leaves and iron them before painstakingly painting them in stunning African designs.


    From the website:

    Original TBag Designs is a collective of artists who live in an informal settlement in Hout Bay, South Africa. With recycled tea bags as their canvases they are painting themselves out of poverty.


    The group gathers together to assemble the finished products: greeting cards, notepads, journals, ornaments, candles, coasters, trinket boxes, and tea light holders. They’ll make special designs by request, but ordinarily they just paint “what is in our heads”.

    One of the artisans, Nomsa, recently earned enough money from painting tea bags to move from an inadequate shack to a solid new house. Nomsa said, “The most wonderful thing in the world is hearing the rain on the roof and knowing that my children are warm and dry.”


    The original group of ladies have become skilled and talented artists. T-Bags now employs 15 permanent staff and a number of additional employees work part-time. In addition, 10 people with disabilities from within the community are employed to assist with sanding products. Their workshop is a tourist destination and they sell their products at the workshop, at Cape Town’s Waterfront Market, and in Europe and the United States.


    The selection of items includes everything from magnets, coasters and bookmarks, to wine bags, trays and mirrors.

  • 05Mar

    I just had to point out the “kitty in a teapot” picture over at CuteOverload:

    kitty in a teapot

    That is all. I’m off to find more pictures of impossibly adorable creatures in teacups and teapots.

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