• 29Mar

    Hopefully someone out there in Tea Land can help me with this one.

    While browsing the web, I stumbled across one of the sexiest single serving tea/teapot combination I’ve seen in a long while. Unfortunately, I’ve only a picture of it:

    Does anyone know who the maker/artist is of this lovely design? Has anybody tried this set? (I’m wondering if the seal works well when turning it over and removing the top after steeping.)

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2 Responses

  • Alexa Says:


    I know you wrote this ages ago & have probably figured it out by now… I can’t remember the designer but I looked this teapot up last week. It was just a sample design; it was never actually for sale or anything. Too bad because it looks awesome!

  • Fazia Rizvi Says:

    That is too bad. I love the look! Thanks for sharing what you found.