• 19Jan

    I was surfing the Internet recently, just minding my own business, and I stumbled across this tidbit:

    Hugh Jackman – aka Wolverine – to be the face of Lipton Ice Tea

    Hugh Jackman, the actor most famous as the testosterone-fueled Wolverine in X-Men, is to show his softer side in a global advertising campaign for Lipton Ice Tea.

    Jackman, who also played the rugged stockman Drover opposite Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, has signed a three-year deal to front a multimillion-pound campaign, the first he has starred in outside his native Australia.

    The European marketing director for Lipton Ice Tea, Francois Bazini, said that it was Jackman’s singing and dancing performance as a host at last year’s Academy Awards that convinced the company to sign him up.

    “He has a great personality liked by men and women,” said Bazini. “He is very different from many other actors. He is a true entertainer who can dance, sing and act. We will use all of his skills.”


    Singing. Dancing. Hugh Jackman. For tea.
    Who’s the cool kid now, coffee?

    Note: The previous comment in no way implies I dislike my coffee brethren who have really cool coffee-making and coffee-drinking toys and accessories that apply perfectly well to tea too and who’ve had actors that warm my nerdy heart (*cough*Scott Bakula/Folgers*cough*) sing coffee’s praises.

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