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    One of the down sides to tea’s growing popularity in the United States: ShoppingBlog.com notes that Tea Prices are Likely to Rise as Techies Switch From Coffee to Tea:

    Wired has an article that says tea is the new coffee and reports that today’s web 2.0 crowd is on a tea drinking binge. The article also says that today’s influential young Web 2.0 millionaires are drinking expensive imported teas. The article says Digg founder Kevin Rose imports $1,000 a month worth of specialty tea for Digg employees.


    It is true that there is nothing quite a like a good cup of tea. Unfortunately, it’s no coincidence that as more people embrace tea, the demand for tea is going up, and so are the prices. The BBC reports that demand for tea is surging while production is falling.

    It looks like my little habit is about to become more expensive. I. Can. Quit. Anytime. I swear.

    Oy, I need a cup of tea after this news.

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  • jess Says:

    That is bad news indeed! *gulps down some peach oolong*
    And what’s worse is that by blogging about tea, and therefore converting other bloggers or readers, we’re actually contributing to the higher prices. We’re doing this to ourselves!

    Also, is it bad that I secretly wish my employers would import $1,000 a month worth of specialty teas? All we get is icky bagged teas, I have to provide the good stuff myself…

  • Fazia Rizvi Says:

    No, not bad at all! Though I suspect the coffee drinkers wouldn’t mind something other than the stuff in a can too.

    We tea drinkers collectively bought a tea kettle at the last place I worked, and everybody brought in teas to leave on the counter and share with others. We had a huge collection of tea bags and a few nice loose leaf ones as well.