• 20Feb

    Smar Tea Teapot. Smar Tea? Smarty? Get it?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But, ooh-la-la, this sexy teapot makes up for the silly-pun-name with its stylish curves:


    Smar Tea Teapot

    Gadizmo describes it thus:

    Calling all design nerds! WMF is delivering another home goody courtesy of Metz and Kindler Product Design, the dynamic duo responsible for injecting sleek elements into simple, logical designs. The Smar Tea Teapot (you know you love a good pun) is a beautiful addition to the collection — made of heat-resistant glass and a matte stainless finish, the teapot makes brewing and serving tea a cinch. A mesh strainer insert clicks in and out of place for easy removal after steeping, replaced with a lid afterwards to help keep the tea warm while serving.

    From ProductWiki:

    The Smar Tea teapot is a unique fusion of modernity and classic design. The teapot takes all your concerns into consideration with a heat-resistant glass carafe and a lid which, when removed, also removes the tea strainer so the tea can stay in the carafe without getting stronger. The surprising kicker to the Smar Tea teapot is how the water in the carafe stays heated. The bottom of the teapot is a stainless steel warmer stand with a small cutout for a tea light. This small candle keeps the teapot temperate and adds an unexpected twist to a relatively simple product. The Smar Tea teapot was designed by the Metz and Kindler design team for WMF, based out of Germany. Their design philosophy focuses on product design that is both logical and simple and uses the basics of human behavior as their starting point for inspiration.

    Of course, it’s a bit expensive. (There seems to be a trend here with the sexy tea stuff that catches my eye.) Most sites list it as $137, but Amazon.com is offering it for $99.


    I guess I’ll just oggle it from afar for now.

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  • Best Teapots Says:

    This teapot is gorgeous I am currently using the perfect cup tea maker which it truly holds up to its name but this is awesome sleek and like you said sexy. I’d like to see if I could get these in my store if you have any info about suppliers in the US please email me and let me know. Thank YOU!