A Message

Dear Pastor Jones,

Today I wished a happy Rosh Hashana to a friend then attended a Catholic rosary for the passing of another. I congratulated two wonderful human beings on 15 years of loving togetherness – despite the fact they are not allowed to marry because they are both of the same sex – and assisted an atheist friend who dedicates her life to comforting those grieving the loss of their animal companions.  Then I called my own family and wished them Eid Mubarak while I sat down to a family barbecue dinner with my Methodist in-laws.

Tomorrow I mourn my fellow human beings of every race, lifestyle, nationality and religion who died in the 9-11 attacks on America – an act perpetrated by a handful of unbalanced, hate-filled individuals – and I will do so the in the same way I try to live every day, with empathy and compassion.

This is how you “send a message”. And it’s the only one worth sending.

Peace and Love,
Fazia Begum Rizvi

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